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09H00-09H10              Welcome & Housekeeping

Welcoming, agenda, introduction of all speakers, and housekeeping for the duration of the session.    

Rob Nowicki

09H10-09H55             The inside scoop – 2024 Budget Speech

An honest take on the 2024 Budget Speech. Look forward to some raw commentary on what wasn’t necessarily so apparent and discover the potential challenges facing the payroll profession and the impact on businesses in 2024. 

09H55-10H45              Module 1 – The 2024 Budget Speech: Hidden Payroll Insights Unveiled

Considerations to ensure you get your Payroll & HR Systems 2024 Budget Speech ready.

Interesting budget insights that will impact your employees.

Practical examples of how the 2024 Budget Speech could potentially impact business processes.

10H45-11H00              Comfort Break | Coffee                                          

11H00-11H45              Module 2 – Other SARS Changes in the past year

The Budget Speech and its build up as it pertains to SARS normally has a deeper impact on businesses than meets the eye – considerations:

  • A quick recap of all statutory amendments and rate changes leading up to March 2024.
  • Tax Laws Amendment Bills (TLAB) 2022 and 2023 – What’s changed that you may have missed and what is likely to come into effect by 2024.
  • Interpretation Notices: What’s new and what has arisen from previous Interpretation Notices.
  • SARS BRS 2024:
    • Preparing for employer filing season and submissions.
    • Detailed tax certificate changes.
    • What to look out for when using SARS e@syFile and eFiling – recent updates.
  • An update on the SARS PIT2024 project and progress made so far.
  • Feedback on the Auto-Assessment tax filing process – how it impacts your employees and common questions and issues around this process.

11H45-12H30             Module 3 – Other Legislative & Payroll-Related Changes

With so many rules and an ever changing legislative landscape governing payroll compliance in South Africa, we will look at all the other key changes implemented during this tax year:

  • UIF, uFiling, an update on Compliance Certificates, and the submission of a manual UI-19 Form – an ongoing nightmare.
  • COIDA update, COVID related claims, COIDA audits and revised levies, and changes to the Return of Earnings (ROE).
  • The BCEA and National Minimum Wage changes.
  • ETI has gone quite but there are a few changes regarding rebates that are worth a mention.
  • The Employment Equity landscape has also been busy: – what’s new, what’s in the pipeline, and the plan to cater for gender classification in a more gender-diverse world?

12H30-13H30              Lunch Break

13H30-14H15             A interesting account of changes in South African employment legislation that not everyone is aware of.

                                   Labournet team

14H15-15H00              Module 4 – Typical Payroll Challenges: some old and some new

The unintended tax consequences of employer-sponsored inverters, battery backup systems and other post-COVID workforce realities. These are still creating challenges particularly now that employees are being assessed and audited.  

Long Service and Bravery Awards. Changes introduced during 2021 are in full swing but many employers are still getting this wrong – and employees are paying in once they have been assessed. We will look at some reminders and do a health check on what should be done to ensure compliance.

15H00-15H15             Comfort Break | Coffee

15H15-16H00              Module 5 – Typical Payroll Challenges: some old and some new (Cont.)

Problems with Bursaries and Salary Sacrifices has reared its head again, particularly when it comes to bursaries for relatives. Employees are getting some nasty surprises when relatives “give up” the study program – we will look at why.

Everything to do with travel costs, travel allowances, etc seems to be under the spotlight again. We will cover all the rules, options and the “how to’s” to help you navigate this minefield.

16H00-16H10              Thanks and Closing